Newly Constructed Houses & Commercial Buildings

Work included initial preparation of all new surfaces, skimming of interior walls, priming, sealing, waterproofing, epoxy coating of floors and painting. 



Redecoration of Houses, Commercial Buildings and Industrial Buildings

Work included plaster repairs, sealing, waterproofing & painting of roof, damp proofing of walls, preparation, priming and painting/coating of walls, steel & wood balustrades, window / door frames and doors.

It also  included high pressure cleaning, airless spray painting, skimming of existing walls, priming and painting of previously varnished woodwork, structural work, plaster repairs, waterproofing, varnishing of woodwork, damp proofing, painting of feature walls, cleaning and coating of wooden deck, fitting and painting of new skirtings, cornices, door frames and doors.



High Pressure Cleaning & Painting of Roofs

Prior to painting roofs we do intensive high pressure cleaning using Kranzle industrial washers – this removes accumulated dirt, lichen, fungal growth and loose and chalking paint. Depending on the specific surface a fungal wash might be done.

Painting of most roof surfaces are done using Graco airless spray machines, offering greater speed by using 2 spray guns simultaneously and ensuring a more consistent film thickness of the coating.

Metal roof sheeting very often required the application of a suitable primer before final top coats are applied

Apart from substrate protection and aesthetic appeal some specialised roof coatings can also help reduce temperatures inside the building.

Floors & Decks – Epoxy, Polyurethane, Stain, Wood Coatings

We perform various types of floor coatings, from everyday floor enamel to clear and coloured epoxy and polyurethane finishes that not only look great, but offer the ultimate in protection against scratches, scuff marks, solvents and corrosive liquids.

Proper protection of exterior wooden decks, furniture and balustrades using the best possible wood sealers and preservatives are imperative in our harsh South African conditions.

Wood & Steel Trim, Furniture, etc

Work on these projects included the refurbishment of extensive galvanised steel and wood surfaces.

Original wood frames were restored to new life using high quality varnishes, and on the other side of the spectrum old and weathered varnished doors and frames were given a new lease on life by priming and painting to bring a fresh modern look to a restored home.